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March 2021 - In With The Stimmy, Out With The NFTs


March came in with cha-ching and is leaving us with a boom pow!

Aunt Stimmy. Around 7 million Americans received $1,400 in their bank accounts as what is can one of many under the Biden administration. This stimulus wasn't able to be touched by child support or state tax obligations. This administration is also redefining how money is received for those earning the child tax credit and paying off school loan debt.

What's Happening Team Jaxn? Relationship youtuber and social media eye candy Derrick Jaxn delivers his plea to fans to understand his infidelity to his wife. The couple appears, uneasily holding each other's hands, speaking of the experience, love, and Faith in God that is keeping their love and loyalty to one another.

Quavo and Saweetie, their love goes sour. Elevator videos, twitter Dear John letters and the nonchalant "take care" response opens us to this celebrity couple springing in and out of love. Fortunate for the fans, new music is out and on the way from both parties.

NFTs enables an insured way for artists to get paid. A NFT (non-fungible token) is a unit of data on a digital ledger called a blockchain, where each NFT can represent a unique digital item. They are backed and associated with the Ethereum blockchain. For artists this serves as a timestamp and a way to distinguish true ownership of their art. Right now this is for digital art meaning any photos, gifs, etc.

Grammy Awards. Big winners all around making history. Definitely want to shout out Beyoncé for her 28th win.

COVID Shots Readily Available. Government spent hundreds of millions of dollars for marketing and advertising in communities of color to encourage citizens to get the COVID vaccine. Depending on test, there are single or double doses.

WuTang Forever. Verzuz found new ownership with Triller, but the real wins are their ability to pay homage to Hip Hop and Rnb all around. This month they featured Ghostface Killah vs. Raekwon.

Drop your comments below on how March events made you feel!


Desha "DrDesha" Elliott is former editor of B.O.S.S. Magazine and is owner of a marketing agency that connects creatives with sponsors and media. Follow her on IG/Twitter @drdesha.

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