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KingPop hosts Rap Snacks Art Exhibit

If you step into a Walmart, Spencer’s or 7Eleven you’ll notice Hip Hop’s top selling artists on a brightly colored bag of chips. Brought to the masses by Lindsey James, Rap Snacks has became a tasty cult classic. However, It was King Pop who was instrumental in the bag’s rebranding, transitioning the bag to contain eye-catching phrases and caricatures. Fans of the snack brand and art enthusiast got to explore his artwork during a pop up exhibit tonight in downtown Atlanta.

“It was always a goal of mine to develop a Hip Hop household brand”, proclaims King Pop. Continue to support his artwork and movement -


Desha Elliott is a content and event producer at Drdesha,LLC as well as Content Editor for The Live Hip Hop Daily Team. Connect more with her @drdesha on all social media platforms.—

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